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Step inside Priton’s MyHouse and experience what it’s like to live in the most modern and efficient home on the affordable housing market. We’ve designed our houses to provide homeowners with the comfort and peace of mind of a traditional cement home with the cost savings that every family needs.

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Quality Value

The best homes at lower cost

With MyHouse, value doesn’t come just in the price of our homes, but in the continuing cost savings afforded by our advanced technologies and efficient design. Priton has engineered our homes to provide the maximum value for homeowners, with quality finishes selected to ensure long-term resilience with little to no maintenance.

Open Floor plan

MyHouse’s open floor plans provide plenty of room for living and dining, making our homes ideal for family and communal living. The vaulted ceiling in the living area lends a comfortable, spacious feel to the home.

Natural Light

With ample windows into our open floor plans, MyHouse is designed to fill with natural light, which is brightened even further by the reflective quality of our interior wall coating. This energy efficient means of lighting has the additional benefit of adding an airy, spacious feel to even the most modestly-sized home.

Low Maintenance

MyHouse is not only easy to build, but it’s been designed for a long life with only minimal maintenance for the homeowner. All of our components and finishes have been carefully manufactured or sourced with the durability of the home in mind. And everything in the home is easy to assemble and even easier to repair if issues ever do arise.

Long Life

Priton’s innovative construction system results in a home that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions for a lifetime. No matter what the circumstances, the structural integrity of MyHouse will not fail, and since we manufacture our own components they can be replaced quickly if a new part is ever needed.

Climate Control

MyHouse is highly insulated to maintain the homeowner’s ideal temperature no matter the weather outside. Our exterior coating and roof panels are highly reflective, so the sun won’t raise the heat of the home as it would in a standard house. Our home provides both direct (low thermal activity) and indirect (reflective effects) insulation values and two great options for HVAC, which can be seen on the Finishes page.

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Peace of Mind

Powerful protection

Affordable housing is often needed most where the elements are the least hospitable. MyHouse is built to withstand the harshest conditions that nature can throw at it. Our homes offer protection in the case of earthquakes, hurricanes, flood or fire.


We’ve designed our homes to withstand hurricane-force winds and water. The wind loads of our proprietary wall panels are almost 200 pounds per square foot, four times higher than Miami-Dade requirements, while our roof system is rated at more than 181 mile per hour wind loads. The homes are extremely impact resistant in case of flying debris, and our windows are rated for high winds and impacts. For even greater protection, impact glass windows are available.


In case of flooding, the homes do not absorb water or support the growth of mold or mildew. If the house does become flooded, it can be power washed and would be able to be used again. In case of fire, MyHouse’s exterior walls will not burn or produce smoke, while the interior walls and ceiling are covered with our proprietary ceramic base coating, rendering them fireproof.


MyHouse is highly resistant to seismic events. We are currently in the process of developing a FEMA-grade tornado-safe room for our interior bathrooms using our exterior cement panels. Our shelter will rival the best shelters on the market.


The innovative technology and materials we use to make MyHouse are incredibly resistant to fire. From our proprietary cement wall panels and modular steel roof trusses to the fire proof ceramic coating we use on the interior and exterior of the home. It reducing the chances of a fire to near zero and adds another layer of protection and security.

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Internationally, code officials recognize the need for a modern, up-to-date building code addressing the design and installation of building systems through requirements emphasizing performance. The International Construction Code is designed to meet these needs through model regulations that safeguard public health and safety in all communities, large and small.

The 2012 International Construction Code requires specifications in all aspects of home building, including wind load requirements, plumbing size, outlet placement, egress doors and windows, etc.


Examples for our MyHouse models include:

1. Section R301.2.1.1 requires that homes be designed to withstand wind loads of 110 miles per hour.  Priton homes are designed to withstand wind loads of 180 miles per hour so that they can be built in regions that are prone to hurricanes.

2. Section N1102.1.1 requires roof insulation values ranging from R-30 to R-49, depending on the geographic region of construction.  Priton homes offer two different insulation options: R-42 and R-50.5.

3. Section R304 requires habitable rooms to have a minimum size of 70 square feet.  The room sizes in Priton homes vary from 78 square feet for the smallest bedroom in Model 64 to 167 square feet for the largest bedroom in Model 100.

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Now that you have learned more about the tremendous benefits of living in MyHouse you may be interested in learning more about what makes MyHouse one of the Greenest options on the affordable home market. You can also explore the Our System section of our site to see how our construction system has been applied to make MyHouse the best option for your development project.

If you are ready to talk to one of our representatives please go to Next Steps for more details.

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