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Priton is committed to building affordable housing that has a positive impact on the environment. We’ve dedicated ourselves to minimizing our carbon footprint at every step of the process. Our homes are built to be energy efficient while using the most environmentally friendly technologies available. Our manufacturing process uses very low energy, almost to the point of being energy negative. Both the magnesium cement in our proprietary wall panels and the ceramic coatings on the interior walls are inorganic-based materials which require very little energy to produce. No toxic or dangerous materials are used in any part of the manufacturing or building processes. Living in MyHouse saves energy, providing low costs and a low carbon footprint for homeowners. Priton is also determined to continuously develop new green technologies, including a completely off-the-grid, solar-powered MyHouse model.

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Every component that Priton manufactures for our homes is recyclable, including the styrofoam, steel, and cement. And the entire house itself is recyclable; the individual components can be re-used, and the house can be disassembled and moved to a new location.


All of our raw materials and our manufacturing process are non-toxic, as is our ceramic coating, which uses no toxic paint. Our manufacturing process emits no harmful atmospheric emissions.


The R value of our insulation is R>30 based on the insulation value of the styrofoam and the low thermal conductivity of the cement. We also may be able to increase the R value to R-49 depending on the region in which the home is being built. Our homes are efficient for both cold and hot environments, and provide both direct (low thermal activity) and indirect (reflective effects) insulation values.


Our interior ceramic coating is highly reflective and amplifies the natural light in our homes. An entire room can be lit using only a few light bulbs. Our exterior ceramic coating is reflective of the sun’s rays, cooling the house and providing an indirect insulation value.


All of our lighting is LED, which consumes less power than either compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, leading to lower costs for lighting one’s home. The best technology on today’s market, these bulbs are very low maintenance with long lifespans of approximately 25,000 hours. Our appliance package consists of GE Energy Star appliances.


We are excited to announce the development of a self-sustaining MyHouse. Through the use of integrated solar panels these MyHouse options will either be partially or completely off the grid. It's great for the environment and opens the door for many additional uses in areas of the world with limited infrastructure.

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Now that you have learned more about our commitment to the environment and how it will benefit your community, you can explore the Our System section of our site to see how our construction system has been applied to make MyHouse the best option for your development project.

If you are ready to talk to one of our representatives please go to Next Steps for more details.

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