MyHouse roof truss in assembly


Our support team is standing by to help answer any questions about the Priton proprietary constrution system and MyHouse. Get in touch with the contact form below, or find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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We would like the opportunity to tell your more about our mission, the Priton proprietary construction system, and our plans for the future.

To contact one of our representatives or if you would like to download our overview brochure, simply fill out your name, email address, phone number and any questions or comments in the form below.

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    I am aware that you have 4 models, can the building system accommodate other architectural designs?
    Yes, we manufacture panels that fit other designs. We are currently manufacturing 4'x8' panels, though we are in the process of developing other configurations.
    Most of the buyers are used to block or site poured concrete construction, how does the look and feel of the Priton home differ?
    Priton homes are virtually indistinguishable from traditionally poured concrete construction in look and feel though the quality is superior.
    Can additions be made to a Priton home in the future?
    Yes, the Priton construction system is designed for modular additions.
    Do we receive any training from Priton to help our crew build these houses?
    Yes, we have a training system in place to assist the building of the first house in a development.
    Does Priton sell foundations?
    Yes, we have designed a proprietary elevated foundation system that allows for construction on traditionally unfit land conditions.
    Can two of the units be placed side by side to create a duplex with one common wall for fire separation?
    Yes. All Priton wall panels are fireproof, and we also have a two story duplex design.
    Can you designate your own carrier for shipping?
    Yes. Should the buyer through the sales agreement be responsible for the routing of the freight, we will work closely with them to insure that the cargo arrives at the origin port in a safe and timely manner.
    Can you provide an advanced copy of the commercial invoice?
    Yes. We can provide an advanced copy of the commercial invoice, the correct harmonized tariff number, and offer our expertise as requested.
    English is not my native language. Can you supply a translator to work with us?
    We work with a translation company to provide you with all the materials you need in your native language. We can provide a translator to work with our training staff on-site as well.
    Can you customize the interior with finishes Priton does not stock?
    Yes. We understand that different regions have different needs. Our design team is available to help customize finishes for a unique solution.
    Who should I contact if I am having trouble logging in to the Client Access area?
    Please contact your Priton sales representative; they will be happy to help you log in to access your files.
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