Priton manufacturing facility in Milton, Florida
Priton headquarters in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Production at the Priton manufacturing facility in Milton, Florida


Priton is an established building manufacturer with years of hands-on experience working with both public and private partnerships. Through our experience in building and manufacturing large scale housing developments, we discovered that we could lower overall home costs and decrease construction time by focusing on new and innovative ways to build homes. By improving each step of the construction process, we found you can also create better materials, higher energy efficiencies, and impressive structural improvements while maintaining an affordable price with an incredibly fast build time.

Affordable housing is an issue faced by communities across the country and around the globe, and Priton offers the most advanced remedy with no compromise in quality. We work directly with government organizations and developers, and are willing and able to participate in public/private partnerships to bring our homes to communities in need. Priton’s versatile approach can be tailored to the requirements of specific populations; we’ve worked directly with local banks and institutions to devise solutions to guide homebuyers from financing through construction. At Priton, we were honored to provide the first government-sponsored housing development in Turks and Caicos for over 450 families.

We believe the Priton construction system is the most advanced and efficient method for constructing cost-effective, environmentally conscious, affordable homes anywhere in the world.

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Priton’s headquarters in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania is the heartbeat of our company. Conshohocken is a fast-growing city located within easy travel distance of Philadelphia. Our headquarters, which houses our executive team – sales, financing, logistics, marketing, and purchasing – is the first green building in the city. A model MyHouse home will be built nearby by our executive staff this fall.


Our state-of-the-art facility in Milton, Florida allows us to bring all of our manufacturing in house to better ensure quality control. We have a capacity of 7,000 houses per shift annually; with three production lines, that brings our capacity to 21,000 houses per year. Our panel production lines, consisting of high shear mixers, conveyors, and cranes, push panels out to cure every two to three minutes. Our internal core section includes a Styrofoam cutting station for the panel cores, ceiling, and internal walls; its daily production is sufficient to meet the demands of our production line. Our steel shop uses a roll form machine and an iron worker to manufacture all of our studs and channels, giving Priton full control over supply. Finally, our proprietary cement mixing station contains large-capacity blenders able to produce more than 60,000 pounds per hour, or 240 tons per shift.

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Affordable, innovative and at an incredible price. Learn how our proprietary construction system is applied to create the highest quality affordable home on the market. Once you understand the benefits of our construction system you will understand how MyHouse is the clear choice for your next development project.

Please contact one of our representatives to find out more.

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