is the perfect choice for your next housing development.

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Rapid Build

only takes 7 days to complete with our rapid build system.

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was a great choice for my family and my community.

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is a scalable housing solution that can fit any size development.

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Panel System

is assembled with our innovative proprietary cement wall panel system.

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At Priton, we know that a home is more than just four walls. A house has to withstand the world outside it and support the lives within it. Communities across the globe are facing a critical shortage of affordable housing, and too often quality is sacrificed to lower costs. We believe that affordable housing can have value without sacrificing high standards. That’s why we’ve created our innovative construction system, which places everything you need to build durable, efficient, high quality homes into
one turn-key solution.




We’ve rethought every step of the construction process, from manufacturing to finishes. Everything you need to build from an empty lot to a move-in ready home arrives in a single, secure container. We manufacture all of our components at our state-of-the-art facility in the United States and can deliver the results to you, anywhere in the world. With a small crew and no heavy machinery, you can assemble a home that will stand the test of time in less than seven days. And we provide a variety of contemporary finishes that offer adaptability, protection, and efficiency.

We’re dedicated to innovating each and every process involved in building homes to ensure quality and lower costs, making Priton quite simply the best option in the affordable home market.

Creating affordable homes isn’t about cutting corners, it’s about innovating at every step of the construction process.

Priton Manufacturing
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Priton Assembly
Priton Finishes


Quality homes are built from quality materials. We’ve rethought every component of our manufacturing process from the ground up.


No matter your location, our One Home - One Container system makes it easy to bring our homes to you.


Innovation doesn’t need to make life complicated. Our construction system makes assembly easy with no need for large crews or heavy machinery.


Stylish and resilient, we provide a wide variety of contemporary finishes that offer adaptability, protection, and efficiency.